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Process Velocity

Process velocity measures the speed (time) of the process. The faster the pace, the greater the value can be created. The faster the process; the faster the process converts cash outflow to cash inflow. The time value of money concept says money received today is better than money received in the future. Some processes have much greater urgency for increasing their velocity than other processes, but they are all connected…

Process Velocity Infograph

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Rethinking Application Development

Application development has spread beyond responsibility and control of CIOs to multiple business units, including marketing, product development and operations. It’s nothing new to say applications can aid business processes, improve intra- and inter-departmental collaboration and create better access to information for improved decision making. However, there is something to be said about the way we build applications and ensure they are helping more than hurting…
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The Importance of Executive Sponsorship

Making changes and transformation within a business can be challenging. When organizational leadership takes a passive stance, changes can be almost impossible to implement. Statistics abound on corporate failures every year. One of the main reasons for these failures is the lack of involvement from executive leaders. Executive sponsorship can take your ideas much further than expected simultaneously reducing the occurrence of failures and increasing productivity.
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