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OpenGrid: Geospatial Data Application for the City of Chicago

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The Importance of Having Agile IT Systems

About 20 years ago, IT faced a dilemma: the Internet was still in its infancy and IT was a growing field. That might have been good for college graduates, but it was not good news for business owners. IT was in a category all of its own and it was a rough transition for some. Businesses saw the need for a robust IT department, but could not afford it. IT was in a unique category in that it was not revenue producing. In other words, the IT department of any small business did not contribute to their bottom line. It cost businesses money instead, making it difficult to justify the expense. The people in those IT departments were always applying to the executive boards and owners of the companies for newer equipment and better solutions. The biggest problem was cost. Most of the time, the cost could not be justified. This left many firms in the dark; they had to make do with what they had, which made them less competitive as time went on.
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