In the continuous drive for software development, Agile continues to lead the way and stands to become the best practice over the next decade. The latest State of Agile survey released by VersionOne has verified that 94% of organizations survey are practicing agile. There are three major reasons Agile stands above the rest: 1. Accelerating product delivery, 2. Accommodating change, 3. Driving productivity.

As the ninth such study of its kind in a row, Version One aims to provide feedback and guidance on the trends of agile. A total of 3,925 project managers, development leaders, developers, and product owners responded to the survey.

On Track to Become Best Practice

Agile is already the standard for software development but stands to become the best practice and only way to engage in software development in the next five to 10 years. Agile is the way for companies and businesses to deliver on their software promises in a scalable, duplicable, and reliable fashion.

The recent report also indicated that Agile allows for business teams to deliver their software more predictably and with even better quality than before. Part of the reason for this is because it helps cohesively align the business and IT departments so they act together seamlessly.

The VersionOne survey indicated that 53% of respondents reported that the majority, if not every Agile project was a success which is attributed to experience with the effective methodology. Scrum still remains the top method to practicing Agile followed by Extreme Programming hybrid and then other who try using multiple methodologies.

Why Some Agile Projects Fail

While the majority of organizations in the study have found success, still others continue to experience failure with their Agile projects. The survey attributes the failure not only to a lack of experience with the methodology but to organizational and management problems too. Holler says an organization needs to “open to this type of change to your processes.”

While organizational change can be a large challenge to overcome, consistent use of agile methodologies has been shown to bring success. As companies become more experienced and accepting of the core agile values, more projects at these companies that are experiencing failure are apt to become successful.

While the benefits of agile development are numerous, over the last four years the ability to manage changing priorities, increase team productivity, and promote project visibility ranked as the top three.

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