As you know change agents are vital players in organization progress. When a new initiative needs to be implemented, organizations rely on individuals to step up and be the advocate for change they need. Unfortunately, these individuals usually need to perform their regular full-time job at the same time and may be appointed with out training.

Often organizations appoint change agents across the organization expecting them to be the eyes and ears of change on the ground level – all while still excelling at their current position. Most of the time, these appointed change agents are not provided with training to take on the new workload and find themselves in essence lost. How can someone be appointed to a challenging position assisting change, keep his or her work life balanced?

Developing Change Agents Workshop Teaches the Important Skills to Succeed

When someone is thrown into double duty at work without mentoring or coaching, they may experience more stress and feel challenged to perform. The Developing Change Agents Workshop helps these organizational change agents by teaching them what they need to know about change. People react to change in many different ways. Some are excited and others are resistant. Being prepared and understanding how to deal with different people is a vital skill needed to keep balanced as a change agent.

The workshop teaches attendees how to first understand peoples’ reactions to change, how to manage the people side of change, and how the change or new initiative interacts with current projects and business activities. It’s important to learn from people who have successfully led organization change before.

Workshop Details

The Developing Change Agents Workshop is a 2 way interactive workshop that brings those new to change management or those appointed to lead organizational change together to learn. At the workshop, attendees will

discuss the impact of change, the important role of the change agent, and uncover the unique subtleties to the art of change management that will make your organization’s change run much more smoothly and effectively.

When an organization or company decides to make a change and they appoint untrained current employees, they risk overloading them and causing an imbalance. Choosing to attend the Developing Change Agents Workshop will give your change agents the activities and real life examples that will help them get in the mindset to be successful in their role as a change agent.

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