EKI Invests in Cloud Mine Consulting, Expands Salesforce and Digital Marketing Footprint

    EKI Digital is pleased to announce we have invested in Cloud Mine Consulting, a leading Salesforce.com and digital marketing professional services firm.   Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Cloud Mine Consulting assists enterprises of all sizes in developing, customizing, and deploying custom applications on Salesforce.com to strategically grow their businesses.  Cloud Mine Consulting is made up of consultants who have both deep technical and programming experience as well an MBA or other proven business management experience.

    "We are incredibly optimistic about our investment in Cloud Mine,” said Robert Blackwell, Jr., founder and CEO of EKI Digital. “We expect the combination of EKI Digital’s agile, business-first approach to integrate seamlessly with Cloud Mine's deeply specialized Salesforce.com team.  Cloud Mine’s success in the private and public sectors matches perfectly with EKI Digital’s diverse client base, which includes the City of Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois, and several notable private-sector companies.   Together, EKI Digital and Cloud Mine Consulting will establish a new level of excellence in exploiting the many benefits to be gained from Salesforce.com technology.”

    “We are thrilled about EKI Digital’s investment in our company,” said Jason Sun, Co-Founder and CRM Architect at Cloud Mine Consulting.  “EKI Digital’s proven leadership in Lean Digital businesses, their technical depth and their incredible reputation for excellence complement our Salesforce.com knowledge and help position us to do greater things faster than we ever could have imagined.“

    “When we founded Cloud Mine Consulting, we wanted to make waves with our unique consulting model of talented people with blended business and technology backgrounds,” said Adam Zuckerman, Co-Founder at Cloud Mine Consulting.  “And with EKI Digital, we’ll be making those waves bigger and sooner.”

    For more information on Cloud Mine Consulting, visit their website: http://www.cloudmineconsulting.com

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    The Importance of Having Agile IT Systems

    About 20 years ago, IT faced a dilemma: the Internet was still in its infancy and IT was a growing field. That might have been good for college graduates, but it was not good news for business owners.

    IT was in a category all of its own and it was a rough transition for some. Businesses saw the need for a robust IT department, but could not afford it. IT was in a unique category in that it was not revenue producing. In other words, the IT department of any small business did not contribute to their bottom line. It cost businesses money instead, making it difficult to justify the expense.
    The people in those IT departments were always applying to the executive boards and owners of the companies for newer equipment and better solutions. The biggest problem was cost. Most of the time, the cost could not be justified. This left many firms in the dark; they had to make do with what they had, which made them less competitive as time went on.

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    Gartner “2016 CIO Agenda: Building the Digital Platform” – Key Takeaways

    On Monday, Gartner held a webinar entitled “2016 CIO Agenda: Building the Digital Platform” that focused on the needs, roles and concerns for CIOs in the new year. The study surveyed almost 3,000 CIOs from around the world in multiple industries including Government, Banking, Healthcare and Manufacturing. With the research and analytical expertise of 83 global Gartner team members, the information was summarized and concluded with some rather eye-opening findings. Click here to watch the webinar in its entirety.

    Clearly, the reason for the study and webinar indicates the need and importance of becoming digital. This trend is no longer an option for organizations and specifically CIOs, but a necessity for efficient business and for gaining an advantage in the competitive landscape.

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    Process Velocity

    Process velocity measures the speed (time) of the process. The faster the pace, the greater the value can be created. The faster the process; the faster the process converts cash outflow to cash inflow. The time value of money concept says money received today is better than money received in the future. Some processes have much greater urgency for increasing their velocity than other processes, but they are all connected...

    Process Velocity Infograph

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