As you know, those that adapt succeed. As the business landscape becomes more digitized every day, executives must flowing with the change – or sink. Make these 5 habits referenced in a McKinsey report [ ]part of your routine, and the power of your C-Suite will be unlimited.

1. Unleash Your Inner Geek
Many consumers are digital by second nature, so it’s your job as an executive to get inside their heads. Take a hard, honest look at what organizational tasks could easily be automated by software revolutions and where your company’s value can’t be beat. Then act on those insights.

Additionally, take your senior leaders to a one-day seminar to learn more about digital. Perhaps a session on coding could demystify the process and open up their minds to new insights.

2. Keep Informed about Your Industry
As an executive, you must know the business landscape. Look beyond your company and keep abreast with industry developments and competitors’ progress. Subscribe to a news feed and make it a habit to check it frequently.

If you want to be cutting edge, make it a point for your company to meet with industry innovators. Invite them to present their technologies and developments. Perhaps a great new future could be created.

3. Act Like Your Customer
Customers are spending more time each year on mobile devices. As an executive, you need to implement strategies to capture this market. Does your company contribute to the mobile world in a meaningful and intelligent way? Analyze it from their perspective and adjust accordingly.

It’s important for you to be up-to-date with the latest apps. Do you play the latest games, rent your vacation home on AirBnB, or share photos on Instagram? Start. It’s time you tried out these huge app successes.

4. Associate with a Digital Crowd
The new hire with the pink hair can probably teach you much about the digital world. Ask for quick pointers and have her share the latest insights. Also consider your current digital talent in house and brainstorm how to best utilize them. Perhaps shifting roles could utilize the digital skills at your company in a more optimized way.

5. Keep Up the Hard Work
Get excited about the small technological advancements your company implements. Do you know what your next product release entails? Make digital a facet of all parts of the business and get passionate about progress.

Another way to progress 10X faster is to expedite results. Schedule meetings for half the length and do everything you can to cut that 6-month project down to 2 months. Innovate and invite failure as a learning experience. Also, use what’s available to you so you can prevent reinventing the wheel.

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