Almost every business today relies heavily on Information Technology. Cost is a major issue for companies who do not specialize in IT. This is a Catch-22. Your IT department or IT team is absolutely vital to the success of your business; however, IT departments often cost money instead of make money. IT departments are not revenue-producing departments. This notion has opened the floodgates for what is now known as Cloud Computing.

As a business owner, doing more with less presents one of your biggest challenges in your day-to-day operations. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of all creation.” Businesses around the globe need to spend less time performing administrative duties and more time in innovation. Hybrid IT outsourcing is the most efficient and cost-effective way to provide businesses the room they need to breathe.

Of all the methods available to outsource IT, the Hybrid solution remains the most popular. With this solution, companies feel better at protecting their biggest asset: information. Resistance to change and innovation remains the driver behind the popularity of the Hybrid solution. By outsourcing a little at a time, the global attitude shifts in favor of cloud computing. Often, people wonder how they got along without it.

Data center management entails a large part of this shift. They have massive upfront costs with land, permits, equipment and staffing. Outsourcing part of your IT responsibilities to the cloud opens your current IT department to be much more innovative and resourceful. Managed services allow your IT team to do utilize their time better than repetitive, mundane tasks like running daily reports. Freeing up their time allows them to contribute to the success of your business.

What does it open your IT team to do? How about putting creative brainpower to work with new enterprise applications or other initiatives critical to the success of your company?

One resistance encountered relates to mission-critical applications. By choosing managed services, clients often have access to 24/7 helpdesk solutions to ensure more uptime. Every minute of downtime can cost businesses massive amounts of money.

Hybrid outsourcing leads companies to think outside the box. Initially, businesses have the mindset that they need to be the owner and manager of every aspect of their business. By outsourcing, their entire mindset is being challenged. When they see the benefits of managed services, businesses become competitive on a global scale.

Almost every business solution implemented today has IT built into it. The more companies outsource to the cloud, the more time they have to focus on their business. This gives them the competitive edge necessary to compete on a global scale.

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