Today, data is everywhere. In our digital world, every action you take is categorized, recorded and sent to storage where it is analyzed. When it comes to making guided choices for business success, the right metrics are all important.

With so much data floating around how can we know which of it is useful and which of it is junk? Continue reading to learn more about finding good metrics for your business.

Metrics to Improve Cash Flow

Say you have had 10,000 customers this year that bought your products and services. Metrics will help you determine why they chose to buy from you.

When you discover your business’s cash flow increasing, it is important to know where it is coming from and why.

If you have the right metrics linked to financial reports, you can hone in and boost your bottom line even more.

Metrics Can Improve Quality

Metrics that measure service and product performance can be used to retain customers. With the right information, you can determine where quality improvements are needed.

Often, quality is lost behind the scenes. Perhaps a machine in your production process keeps malfunctioning and countless hours and dollars are spent fixing it. Or are software systems losing important customer information? Getting the right metrics will help you improve quality.

The Power of Customer Metrics

How well do you know your actual customers? The right metrics will take your customer understanding to the next level. An investment in a good CRM system will payoff greatly when collecting this data.

Metrics will also help your business retain customers. You will begin to find answers of where and when customers stop buying from you. These answers may lead to a small tweak in your process that brings big results.

Monitor Your Reputation

When a customer is unhappy all of Twitter, Facebook and social media hears about it. Companies are more accountable to their customers today as unhappy customers can create huge PR problems.

Metrics will help you monitor your company’s reputation and perception giving you more power to act in a crisis.

Metrics Help Your Business Grow

As a collection of data, metrics give you the opportunity to grow your business and plot its course. Make an effort to find the right metrics for you so your business gets on the fast track to success.

EKI Digital has worked with businesses of all sizes, and in various industries to help them benefit by designing, and deploying metrics dashboards leveraging Microsoft Power BI technologies as a tool to improve how their business, run, grow and transform. If you would like to learn more about this service please contact us at

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