Business architecture has become an increasingly important concept in the world of management. Different than the concept of business requirements, business architecture serves to further define, and build a corporation’s structure so that it can be leveraged throughout the management cycle. In a competitive environment where driving improvement is paramount, business architecture can help businesses reduce risk and costs.

The ideal approach is a customer-focused organization. A customer-centered organization is committed to identifying and achieving the goals of the customer. The customer includes consumers as well as stakeholders. The customer-focused approach promotes consumer retention, greater customer satisfaction and provides business with the opportunity to maximize investments. A business architecture approach can be used to build a customer focused organization. When the business architecture blue print defines a customer focused organization, when challenges arise they are met with this goal in mind.

Essentially, business architecture provides a map of the organization, outlining the purpose of the business while lining up its objectives and demands. This provides the opportunity to define strategies and service delivery. Business architecture blue prints aid executives in planning, decision-making and meeting challenges. Additionally the blue prints are useful to strategic planning teams, project managers, and portfolio managers.

Business architecture is used to align business requirements, connecting the organization’s structure and goals with the business requirements set forth. When these two elements align there is greater opportunity to make more informed business decisions, prioritize initiatives, and identify business functions. With a business architecture blue print, analysts are able to gain a better understanding of how the business functions. This provides them with the ability to identify appropriate initiatives and strategies.

The concept of business architecture provides a framework that connects a business’ structure and goals with business requirements. This improves overall management; the ability to strategize as well as supports a value centered approach. A business architecture blue print provides a map of the organization; creating a guide for executives, analysts, project managers and strategic teams. Ultimately the concept of business architecture defines an organization’s structure, goals, and initiatives.

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