How do you prepare your company for mobile, social and cloud security. These three trends have allowed the idea of an “everywhere enterprise” to become a reality. Here is a brief breakdown of how each of these technology trends is affecting the enterprise atmosphere:


Security appliances are now blind, and CISOs must now account for not only in-house company technology, but also employees’ personal cell phones, tablets, and their use on both public Wi-Fi networks and 3G/4G networks (often on many different providers). With the popularity of BYOD and working from home added on top of this, the mobile explosion is dissolving traditional corporate network perimeters.

Cloud Applications:

CISOs have the task of protecting company practices from outside threats while also providing employees with an open access to programs and functionalities they want online via the cloud. With this mindset considered, you can begin to see the mentality of the empowered consumer permeating within the enterprise workforce. Overall, cloud applications are changing the economic structure of traditional enterprise software.

Social Media:

The mindset of businesses toward social media has experienced a massive 180 degree turn since the launch of these various platforms. Where social media was once banned from workplaces, workers now demand it, and smart companies embrace the value it has to offer to the company. Valuable leads can be gained on sites like LinkedIn, and marketing departments can gain a wide audience via Twitter and Facebook. Customer service is also being revolutionized, as many consumers prefer having their questions answered via social media sites and private communities.

Due to the prevalence of enterprise employees working anywhere and everywhere, the job of securing company assets has become much more difficult. As the technology we use changes, so do the tactics of cybercriminals who wish to access company assets with malicious intents. Thankfully, the option of a “Direct-to-Cloud Network” is providing a valuable solution to this changing security environment.

With the proper adoption and implementation of this new Direct to Cloud Network system, your company can enjoy the next generation of IT security. By implementing this system into your company’s operations, you can provide the advance security, elasticity, and economies of scale you will need to remain safe, secure and competitive in today’s ever increasingly mobile, social world.

If you invest in a true Direct to Cloud Network, you will be able to enable your organization to embrace a whole new effective way to secure its users, devices, and data in a way that can adapt and scale to the needs of your industry for a full 10 year period. Using this security feature will not only differentiate your business, but it will also help you solve tactical problems in a way that is more intuitive and easier to perform. You can even use a Direct to Cloud network as a sort of data gathering tool that will help you make the broad adoption of a cloud computing system in your workplace environment that much simpler.

CISOs should be able to recognize the value a true Direct to Cloud Network architecture has to offer their company. Evaluating what a move to the cloud can do for your company is a responsible step toward securing the safety of both your employees and customers in your future business practices. Due to today’s rapidly evolving security challenges, the move to the cloud seems imminent, so embracing the technology while it is innovative and ready to be taken advantage of is an intelligent move.

For those convinced of the power and innovation Direct to Cloud Networks have to offer their business, consider how you can effectively transition your company into a cloud-based security architecture. These will help you learn the main qualities that make up a true and effective Direct To Cloud Network architecture, which include these 16 elements:
1.Device Agnostic
2.No Hardware, No Software
3.Location Independent
7.SSL Aware
10.Comprehensive Logging
11.Single Sign On/ID Federation
12.Detailed Visibility
13.Continuous Trust
14.Behavioral Analysis – detecting zero day threats
15.Layered Security – There is no silver bullet when it comes to security
16.Big Analytics

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