The digital age is here, and corporate design structures, both vertical and horizontal, need to consider creating the role of Chief Digital Officer. This role is as important CEO and COO and should report directly to the board. No longer is it efficient to have a small portion of your business digitalized. We are not entering the digital age. It is already here. In fact, it has been here for quite some time already.

It is notable that only a few companies have embraced the digital transformation and overhaul, leaving everyone else in the dust. Speaking of the benefits of the cloud, social media, and relevant apps is long overdue. In ten years, we have seen the cloud explode in unprecedented ways. During the iPhone 6 debut and keynote, Apple boasted of an App Store with over 500,000 apps. Samsung is comparable. Each app is being accessed every day through mobile devices, and companies are doing very little to keep up.

It is understandable. Major changes require strategic thinking in unexplored areas of business. Often, the risk is too high for justification. Several companies have ventured out into the area have some aspect of their business on a digital platform, but these same companies are guilty of embracing an outdated and outmoded business model that doesn’t embrace technology. Decisions about the direction companies take are no longer left in the hands of executives. Instead, they are in the hands of consumers, and if executives ultimately fail in meeting the needs of customers in their chosen niche, those managers will quickly find themselves competing much harder than they need just to stay afloat. Everything is in the process of migrating to the cloud—even sensitive data under regulatory laws such as HIPPA.

Now is not the time to stand idly by and watch as others embrace technology. This is not the day of the big-wig corporation. It is the day of consumers’ rise to the top of the business chain as they go into business for themselves and experience the explosive growth and potential the internet has to offer. People are no longer just consumers. They are business owners who have embraced the cloud as both leaders and consumers. They access their data securely through various cloud platforms. They run their entire business from a mobile phone.

Enterprise sized businesses have the advantage. They have the capital and infrastructure in place, waiting for the world to take advantage of it. Nobody is better suited to take the helm of the digital age for your company than a Chief Digital Officer to oversee your overhaul with the bottom line in mind.

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