More than 200M adults in the US are part of the digital workforce, yet only 1-in-10 rate themselves as very proficient with the digital tools they use every day at work. Training has not kept pace with technology, and workers, businesses and the entire economy are paying the price.

Digital products and topics are rapidly proliferating and evolving, and yet there is virtually no professional development focused on these 21st century skills. For instance, organizations are using Dropbox and Box for file storage and sharing, Twitter and Facebook to connect with customers, and Google Docs and Analytics to run their businesses. These tools serve essential functions but they can only improve productivity with the right training.

A recent study by Deloitte, states that the rapid pace of technological change in the workplace is leading to a skills half-life of only 2.5 years. Organizations are failing to adapt their training programs quickly enough.

EKI-Digital has worked with businesses of all sizes, and in various industries to help them address the digital skills gap by designing, and deploying digital business solutions as a tool to improve how their business, run, grow and transform.

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