Making changes and transformation within a business can be challenging. When organizational leadership takes a passive stance, changes can be almost impossible to implement. Statistics abound on corporate failures every year.

One of the main reasons for these failures is the lack of involvement from executive leaders. Executive sponsorship can take your ideas much further than expected simultaneously reducing the occurrence of failures and increasing productivity.

Leadership Is Stronger than Management
Employees look to senior leaders for clarity and direction when business transformation programs are initiated. An executive sponsor will take time to clearly lay out why an initiative is being taken, who is involved, and how the organization will be impacted by the change. This clarify inspires people because not only are they held accountable, they their role in the process and have a sense of purpose.

Although the types of activities that an executive sponsor would need to engage in are usually quite straightforward, their role is very important. The sponsors’ engagement creates a sense of urgency, momentum, and commitment from those involved and the company at large. Executive sponsorship acts like a secret antidote to corporate failure.

Potential Responsibilities of the Executive Sponsor
The executive sponsor needs to inspire people to get involved and keep everyone updated on the initiative’s progress. They can:

– Identify change agents within the organization
– Define a vision for the change and build consensus on goals
– Carve out a budget for training and management
– Support training and development
– Communicate short-term successes and how this change is important long-term

When an executive sponsor does not get involved with an initiative, there are lower rates of productivity as well as increased resistance from the staff. Employees become disinterested and increased turnover could result.

Simplify and Succeed
Executive sponsorship does not need to be overly complicated. Often it is as simple as formally announcing the project to those impacted, communicating quick wins, and broadcasting the successes of the initiative as it unfolds. The importance of executive sponsorship is vital to creating quicker and more successful changes within an organization. With it more employees will adopt changes and more investment returns will be realized.

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