About 20 years ago, IT faced a dilemma: the Internet was still in its infancy and IT was a growing field. That might have been good for college graduates, but it was not good news for business owners.

IT was in a category all of its own and it was a rough transition for some. Businesses saw the need for a robust IT department, but could not afford it. IT was in a unique category in that it was not revenue producing. In other words, the IT department of any small business did not contribute to their bottom line. It cost businesses money instead, making it difficult to justify the expense.
The people in those IT departments were always applying to the executive boards and owners of the companies for newer equipment and better solutions. The biggest problem was cost. Most of the time, the cost could not be justified. This left many firms in the dark; they had to make do with what they had, which made them less competitive as time went on.

The Need for an Agile IT System
A solution was reached when the cloud and IT outsourcing became more mainstream. To this day, many businesses are not using cloud systems and outsourced talent. The benefits of these are tangible to businesses of all sizes. By moving to the cloud and outsourcing their IT departments, they all of a sudden became more competitive. They didn’t need to maintain a separate IT department, and they only paid for what they used – making it an all-around cost-effective solution.

Save Money
The biggest lure to moving your IT off-site isn’t a cost savings of a couple of hundred dollars. No – instead, it often saves businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year. Most business decisions are dependent upon the effect they may have on the bottom line, which provides plenty of motivation for executives to outsource their IT.
On top of that, you don’t have any salary or benefits expenses for a team that doesn’t directly produce money for your organization – although they are critical to supporting and accelerating revenue generating and profitability business functions.

Stay Secure
When you outsource your IT, it means that your data is secure. You will always receive the latest updates – not just for your applications, but for your virus and malware protection. These upgrades are automatic – they occur much faster than having a local technician running from workstation to workstation trying to upgrade all of your equipment.

Focus on Your Business, Not Technical Issues
If you’ve never had your local computer system go down, then you are one of the lucky few. When your system goes down, business operations come to a screeching halt – with the potential of a tremendous revenue loss for you and your organization. Outsourcing your IT and business applications saves you from this downtime. Data centers are protected with redundant systems, wherein if one server goes down, the service, as a whole, is still up. This means you enjoy greater stability and increased uptime.

Full-scale data centers take data security to a whole new level. These outsourced IT providers vehemently protect against malware and hacker penetration. They are constantly monitored – many of them 24/7.

For most businesses, this means your data – your most valuable business asset – remains protected.

Manage Important Tasks
When your company grows, your outsourced IT solution grows with it. When you don’t outsource business applications and IT solutions, they can become very expensive to upgrade. IT departments don’t usually grow with the business, forcing organizations to use outdated hardware and software solutions.

This allows for scalability. When your IT solution is scalable, your business is free to grow, downsize, split into departments, or however you wish to organize your company – without any additional IT expense.

You don’t need to train new employees on new software, manage job postings or interviews, workers’ compensation or other common liabilities that accompany business growth.
This leaves you free to focus your resources on your bottom line.

As long as you do your homework and receive advice/help from a knowledgeable partner, outsourcing your IT and business applications is not something to fear. Instead, it becomes a something to embrace.

EKI’s Application Management Services
For over 17 years, EKI has developed, supported and managed applications for some of the largest companies in the world as well as large government organizations. Through a combination of support & maintenance, enhancements & upgrades, process improvements, IT change management, and governance & project management, EKI’s application management services have proven to drastically improve processes for organizations. The resulting cost savings, agility, process & customer experience improvement, and more has made EKI the digital leaders in consulting and execution.